Business Advantages

Workforce Development and Training

Walker County has an excellent technical college located in Rock Spring. Georgia Northwestern Technical College (GNTC) provides technical education and offers a comprehensive range of associate degrees, diplomas and certificates. Through the Office of Economic Development, GNTC offers employers customized workforce training, both for immediate and future needs.

The LAUNCH program, offered by Walker County Schools in partnership with GNTC, provides students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and necessary industry certifications to be able to directly enter the workforce upon graduation.

Georgia Department of Labor – LaFayette Career Center

The LaFayette Career Center is a Department of Labor “One-Stop” facility offering a variety of services for business and industry, including labor market information, workforce and development resources, and employment recruitment services, such as job posting, applicant screening and hiring assistance.

Georgia Quick Start Training Program

Georgia Quick Start is recognized as the nation’s #1-ranked training program available at no cost to qualified companies. Working in partnership with Georgia’s technical college system, this program assists new and expanding businesses to assess workers, train new employees on a company’s unique process, and develop customized job-specific training.


Property taxes in Walker County are relatively low. Real and personal property is assessed at 40% of the Fair Market Value (FMV).

The total sales tax rate in Walker County is 7%.

Freeport Tax Exemption

Businesses in Walker County may take advantage of Freeport Tax Exemption on the following:

  • Manufacturer’s inventory of raw materials and goods in process
  • Inventory of finished goods held by the original manufacturer
  • Inventory of finished goods held by distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers destined for out-of-state shipment

Job Tax Credits

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs has designated Walker County a Tier 2 community, which provides opportunity for eligible businesses to receive job tax credits toward their state income tax liability. In Walker County, the Job Tax Credit amount is $3,000* per job with the creation of a minimum of 10 jobs. *This amount includes an additional $500 as a result of Walker County’s membership in the Northwest Georgia Joint Development Authority.

Investment Tax Credits

The State of Georgia offers an investment tax credit to existing companies operating a manufacturing facility in the state for at least three years, and making an minimum of $100,000 additional qualified capital investment in a new or existing manufacturing facility. The value of the credit is based on a county’s Tier status. Walker County is classified as a Tier 2 community, which allows the company to potentially qualify for a 3% state income tax credit on qualified investments.

Single Factor Apportionment Income Tax

Georgia’s corporate income tax rate has been kept low for 50 years. A company’s tax obligation is based on only one factor, sales inside of Georgia.

Local Business Incentives

The Walker County Development Authority provides assistance with site location or expansion, offers bond financing, and a Payment in Lieu of Tax (PILOT) program.

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